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If you want to make your Spotify progress bar stand out from the rest, try changing the colors of your progress bar. You can use a progress bar effect like a Star Wars progress bar, Candy cane progress bar, or snowfall progress bar. You can also change the color of your progress bar using a color change button.

Star Wars progress bar

Spotify users have a great way to customize their progress bar: they can turn it into a lightsaber, and even change the color. This fun feature will remain when listening to other music on the service, too. If you enjoy the movies, try switching the progress bar to a lightsaber while listening to your favorite Star Wars tunes.

The latest Star Wars movie release has inspired the developers of Spotify to create a lightsaber-themed progress bar. The lightsaber progress bar is available for all the original soundtracks and for The Force Awakens. To activate the effect, simply type THX1138 into the search bar. This will change the progress bar to a blue lightsaber.

Other popular movies have also inspired Spotify to give its progress bars a Star Wars theme. For example, during the Rogue One movie, the progress bar turns into an expanding lightsaber. Spotify has not announced a Stranger Things partnership yet, but the show will be released on Netflix on October 27, 2017.

Spotify has several other Easter eggs throughout the years. Four of them have since been taken down, while one remains. One Easter egg, however, is a new flashlight scene that’s only activated when you’re not interacting with the screen. Another Easter egg is the Spotify ‘Easter egg’. While you’re listening to Stranger Things on Spotify, you can activate the Easter egg to change the music progress bar. The Easter egg disappears when you move the cursor.

Candy cane

If you’ve been using Spotify for a while, you may have noticed some cool hidden features. You’ll find them in both the PC and mobile applications. Some are even available in different languages. While they don’t really appear until you open the Spotify app, they can be fun.

The progress bar on Spotify can be shaped like a candy cane if you’re listening to a song with a ‘Star Wars’ theme. You can also get a rainbow if you’re listening to a track with a ‘Stranger Things’ theme. The progress bar will also be shaped like an upside-down world with a beacon of light. The effect can be turned on or off within the application’s settings.

Another cool progress bar effect on Spotify is the lightsaber-themed progress bar. It was introduced in 2011 and only appeared when you played a track called ‘Nyan Cat’ by Nyan Cat. However, the feature was removed after a short period. Spotify also has a Star Wars easter egg, which only works on desktop. Three lightsabers appear in the progress bar, and when clicked, will change the color of the bar.

Another Easter egg in Spotify is the lightsaber on the song progress bar. It used to offer a lot of lightsabers, but this feature has since been removed. Spotify also turned its volume slider into a rainbow during the Pride month in June 2018. The rainbow Easter Egg was active in a lot of countries, and was even translated into Spanish for some countries.

You can turn on Snow progress bar effects on Spotify to add some fun to your listening experience. These snowflakes first appeared in 2011 on Spotify’s iPhone app, but this year, they’ve come back! While it doesn’t last the whole Christmas holiday, the progress bar should stay festive throughout the season.

To activate these effects, you must have the hidden mode of the Spotify app enabled. This mode was originally intended for mobile devices, but was later added to the PC application. Spotify has been experimenting with hidden Easter Eggs within their application and users have been loving it. In addition, you can also apply secret themes and effects to the bar. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see them in every version.

There are several ways to enable Snow progress bar effects on Spotify. First, you can enable the Stranger Things mode, which lets you change the visual interface of the player. To enable this mode, you must enable the option in the settings menu. The music playing in the background won’t be affected by the new interface.


You might have noticed that the progress bar on Spotify has a rainbow effect. This isn’t a bug, however. Spotify actually released an Easter egg specifically for the Stranger Things television show. The spooky effect turns the entire listening experience upside down. The progress bar changes colors to match the background of the song and will also be visible when you switch the song.

In the past, Spotify had more lightsaber progress bars, but that feature has since been removed. The Easter Egg is still active during the Halloween season, even though the Stranger Things mode slider has been taken away. This rainbow Easter Egg is available in different languages, including Spanish. If you have a Spotify account, you can activate it in your favorite language.

Spotify has been supporting the LGBTQ community for several years. This new Easter egg honors the LGBTQ community by transforming the volume bar into a rainbow gradient when it reaches maximum volume. The new feature will be available for the entire month of June, and can be found in the Pride Hub, a new curated section of the app. The Pride Hub will also feature playlists dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

Spotify also created an Easter egg for Star Wars fans. While the original Easter Egg was created for mobile devices, Spotify has also integrated it into the PC version. The Easter Eggs have been a popular addition to Spotify’s app, and many users have found the hidden Easter eggs enjoyable. Some of them include a special theme for the progress bars, and a rainbow background for the song title. Some users also reported that the Easter Egg is enabled only during certain seasons.


If you’re a Star Wars fan, you may have noticed a new feature on Spotify. It turns your progress bar into a lightsaber while you listen to your favorite songs on the music streaming service. You can also change the colors and model of your lightsaber. The progress bar stays as a lightsaber when you switch to other tracks.

The new feature is not the first time Spotify has played Star Wars music. The streaming service recently re-skinned its progress bar into a lightsaber to promote the new Rogue One film. Spotify has shown a strong affinity for the series before, including launching a website to match users with the various characters from the series.

The Spotify Easter egg is another fun way to enhance your listening experience. Just open the Spotify web player and go to the settings page. In the “Settings” tab, click the “Adjust progress bar effects” button. The new settings page will show up after a few seconds. If you’re using Spotify on the desktop, you’ll need to make sure to have the soundtrack of Stranger Things installed on your computer.

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