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If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to cut video on iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. You can cut videos using the Photos app and iMovie, and save them to your iPhone’s storage. Then, you can easily share the edited file with friends and family.

Photos app

The iPhone Photos app has an option to cut video. The user can select the clip that they want to edit and tap Save. This will save the trimmed clip in the photo library. You can also choose to delete the original video, if you don’t want it anymore. The instructions for this feature apply to various iPhone models and iOS versions.

You can cut video by either trimming the beginning or ending portions. The Photos app opens the editing screen with tiny images that indicate where you want to trim the video. You can also use the video tools to crop the video. You can then select a tool from the list. You can also use the video tools to cut or expand the video.

The iPhone Photos app provides several editing tools, including the ability to flip the video, crop it, and flip it. If you want to crop the video in a different orientation, you can use the rotate option at the top left of the screen. The brightness of your video can also be changed in the Photos app.

The iPhone Photos app also comes with a video editor, if you’re not using iMovie on your device. This tool allows you to edit videos without compromising quality. You can use it to cut clips from your iPhone, save them to your computer, and access them anytime you want. You can also use the clipping tool to merge different sections into one new video.

The iPhone Photos app provides advanced video editing tools that are not available in other editing tools. Not only can you crop, rotate, or cut video, but you can also apply color correction to your videos. To use this tool, you need to access the Photos app and the Videos menu. You need to be logged in to edit your videos in Photos.

To cut video on iPhone Photos app, you should first select the video in which you want to cut it. Then, select the action that you want to apply to the video. Then, drag the yellow slider to the right or left sides of the clip. If you trim more than you intended, just undo it.

Once you have selected a video, you can start editing it. Press the video camera icon and press “Edit” to select the selected area. You can then choose whether to save the original video or the trimmed one. You can also choose to play the edited video to see the changes.

Another method to cut video on iPhone is to use Filmora. If you haven’t used it yet, this app can help you. It’s free for download and can be downloaded through the App Store. Just remember to select the correct video format for your iPhone before you start editing.


Splice is an easy-to-use app that enables you to mix and match different types of media, including pictures, videos, and music. It includes a library of built-in music and effects and allows you to add transitions and titles. Splice is free and available in the App Store.

Splice lets you adjust the speed, volume, filters, and colours in each clip. You can also edit the background and animation. Then, export your edited video. Once you’ve finished editing, you can share it with friends and family on social media. You can even resize or remove overlays or logos if you want.

Splice is one of the best mobile video editors on the market. The app is easy to use and provides all the features of a desktop video editor. Even professional content creators rely on Splice. Its intuitive look makes it easy for everyone to edit and share videos.

Splice also allows you to add music to your videos. You can use music from the Splice gallery or add your own. Splice Pro users can also browse thousands of music to choose from. You can also add sound effects and voiceovers. To record a voiceover, you need to click the voice icon and choose a time period. Once you’ve chosen a track and voiceover, Splice will start recording your audio.

The iPhone is an editing machine, and splicing a video on it is no exception. Whether you’re editing an episode of a show or creating a compilation of clips, you can merge videos in a few simple steps. The process is easy and allows you to create endless combinations.

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