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There are a number of reasons to hold a dunk contest. It can be fun for participants, and it can raise awareness of basketball in general. It also attracts media attention. The biggest draw of these events is the chance to watch professional basketballers slam dunks.

Derrick Jones Jr.

Derrick Labrent Jones Jr. is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association who plays for the Chicago Bulls. Previously, he played college basketball for the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels. In college, he was a 3-point specialist and a strong defender.

The Phoenix Suns waived Derrick Jones Jr. on Jan. 22 after he tested positive for a virus. He then signed a two-way contract with the Miami Heat. Later, he signed a multi-year deal with the Chicago Bulls. This is his first NBA contract. While playing in the G-League, he also plays for the Chicago Bulls and Portland Trail Blazers.

Donovan has consistently praised Jones Jr., and the wing had a solid season last season. He averaged 5.6 points, 3.3 rebounds and 0.6 blocks in 51 games. He also started eight games and averaged 17.6 minutes per game. His 7-foot wingspan was a plus as well.

Derrick Jones made his regular-season debut against Cleveland. He’s played in less than 20 minutes in the past three games, but he’s been consistent on the boards. The Chicago Bulls won’t be able to rely on him to score, as he’s shooting just 37.0 percent from the field. With that in mind, Javonte Green and Dale Terry will likely play extended minutes off the bench.

Jordan Clarkson has made 112 regular-season appearances in the NBA, and he has averaged five points and three rebounds per game. He’s shot 28.3 percent from three-point range and is 63.6 percent from the foul line. During his NBA career, he has missed 14 games due to injury and played 53 G League games. In addition to making his NBA debut on Nov. 19 in Philadelphia, he has recorded seven double-doubles, which is a career-high.

Spud Webb

Spud Webb knows how to do a dunk contest. The Dallas Mavericks star won the dunk contest, throwing the ball through the rim with one hand and ending it with a nuclear-bomb baseline windmill. Webb impressed the judges, including tennis legend Martina Navratilova and Cowboys legend Roger Staubach, and the crowd cheered with each leap.

Webb grew up in Dallas, Texas and was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in the fourth round of the 1985 NBA draft. The Pistons were in desperate need of guards, so they arranged a tryout for him with the Atlanta Hawks, where he beat seasoned guards to make the team’s opening roster.

Spud Webb was an undersized player with limited vertical leap. He had to rely on his creativity and unimaginable vertical leap to defeat Wilkins. On his final dunk, he caught the ball mid-air and slammed it home. Since then, the slam dunk contest has evolved into an all-star event.

Webb was 5’7″ when he won the NBA Dunk Contest in 1986. He was the shortest player in NBA history at the time. He beat Dominique Wilkins in the finals, and landed a $12,500 payout.

Jalen Green

Jalen Green learned how to do dunks when he was in sixth grade. He’s had a couple of poster-worthy dunks in the NBA already, including one against the Raptors last week. He says he expects to have many more dunks this weekend.

The NBA Twitter is witty, but rarely kind. In the All-Star Game Slam Dunk Contest, three of the four participants will be making their debuts. The four rookies include Jalen Green, Cole Anthony, and Juan Toscano-Anderson.

Houston Rockets rookie guard Jalen Green, Golden State Warriors wing Juan Toscano-Anderson, and New York Knicks rookie G Cole Anthony will compete in the upcoming NBA Dunk Contest. The event will take place Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. ET in Cleveland and will be televised on TNT. Obi Toppin will be the reigning champion. He won last year’s contest after beating Anferne Simons. Despite his lack of experience, he’s had a lot of alleyoops.

Despite his young age, Green’s impressive athleticism has helped him become a favorite among Houston Rockets fans. He was selected in the second round of the NBA Draft. While Green’s dunk contest skills have been praised by fans, he hasn’t yet had a chance to showcase them on a larger scale.

In addition to Green, there are other talented rookies competing for the All-Star weekend. He’ll take on defending champion Steph Curry, who was named the best shooter last season. Aside from Green, the event will also feature a 3-point contest and skills competition.

Derrick Green

It’s not easy to teach a big man like Derrick Green how to do a slam dunk, but he’s been doing it well for the past two years. This year’s contestants are rookie guards, second-year forwards, and third-year wings. But they’ll need to find a way to impress their opponents to win.

Green has a knack for getting the crowd excited and he’s also been known to do a little bit of swagger on the court. The dunk contest he won in 2007 was a slam dunk on a cupcake rim with a birthday candle on it. The jam was called “The Birthday Cake.” In the final round of the dunk contest, fans voted to see who would get the trophy. Gerald Green and Jamario Howard tied for the trophy, but Jamario Howard earned the win with 78% of the fans’ votes.

The contest was a slam dunk competition, and Green had a gold chain attached to his wrist. It was playing a game called NBA Top Shot of Green, and he gave it to the judge, Isiah Thomas. Green had a rough start to the contest, missing eight of nine shots before hitting his first concept. However, he did hit the alley-oop windmill to get to the rim and make the first round. In the second round, the low scorer had a chance to go first. And in the final round, he did, and completed a 360 between his legs.

Green was a top dunker in high school and in his brief career at UNLV. While he’s still young, his high-flying skills have earned him a spot in the Dunk Contest.

Jalen Green’s off-the-side-of-the-backboard pass

On Friday night, at the NBA All-Star Game, Jalen Green had an original idea for the dunk contest. Instead of attempting a dunk off the side of the backboard, he tried to dunk a phone that was attached to a gold chain. He was successful on his first two attempts, but he failed on his third attempt. The crowd reacted negatively to the missed opportunity.

Green had missed several attempts in the past, but he finally made it in the NBA dunk contest. He relied on rookie Josh Christopher for the pass. Green raced down the baseline to catch the ball and tried to windmill it home. But it took nearly five minutes for the pair to connect. Ultimately, Green settled for catching the pass in the air, and then he completed the dunk with a windmill.

Green’s dunk was his best dunk ever. He received a nine out of five from the judges. This made him the favorite to win the dunk contest. However, he failed to advance past the first round. The runner-up, Obi Toppin, scored 83 points on his final dunk.

On Friday night, the NBA tweeted the results of the Slam Dunk Championship. Among the winners were JTA and Obi Toppin. Despite the fact that Green had a tough time with his first dunk, he still managed to earn 39 points, but Obi Toppin took the lead with a 45-foot off-the-side-of-the backboard pass.

Derrick Green’s speciality dunk

Derrick Green isn’t the first NBA player to win a speciality dunk contest. The former Oklahoma City Thunder forward has an impressive dunk repertoire. However, he hasn’t shown off this ability to the fullest. In fact, his career may be over after a stellar rookie season. Although he didn’t have the best rookie season of all time, Green has already racked up quite a few highlight reel dunks. While Green doesn’t have quite the explosiveness of some of his teammates, his power is still there.

In the 2009 Slam Dunk Contest, Green was beaten by two other competitors. Jamario Moon and Gerald Green were the finalist. Green’s dunk was on a cupcake with a birthday candle on the rim, which he dubbed “The Birthday Cake.” However, the final round of the contest was determined by fan voting. Jamario Howard won the contest by garnering 78% of the fan votes.

Green was a high school standout, and he stayed in shape during his short time at UNLV. He was a highly regarded dunker, and his video from the competition shows that he has a lot of fun while trying to hone his craft.

Another dunk that Green is proud of was a lob from Shaquille O’Neal. The dunk was a perfect combination of tension and timing. Gordon’s hoverboard mascot, however, was so intense that the mascot kept catching fire.

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