How to Draw a Collie Step by Step






The first step in learning how to draw a Collie is to use a soft pencil to create the body of the dog. Start by sketching the neck, back, and lining of the hairy chest. Next, sketch the legs. Use light and soft pencil strokes to create the final image.

Time lapse video

If you’ve ever wondered how to draw a dog, consider creating a time-lapse video of the entire process. The Procreate app makes this task very easy. It has a built-in time-lapse feature that records every step of your process and compiles it on the fly. To start recording, simply tap the wrench icon in the upper-left corner of your screen, and choose Video. After recording, you can play the video or export it to another device.

One of the most important steps to creating a time-lapse video is to make sure that you use different camera set-ups. A camcorder can be a great choice for this kind of video. It can film at a frame rate of 24 frames per second, which means that the camera will take 24 pictures every second. This type of camera is easy to set up, and it is silent while recording. It also offers more editing flexibility.

Once you’ve created your time-lapse video, you can add your own music or other special effects to it. All you need is some editing software and a video file. To start, record a video, and then open it in your video editing software. You can zoom in and out, change the resolution, and overlay music on top.

First, you need to choose a subject for your time-lapse video. Make sure your computer is stable enough to support a video of this length. Secondly, you need to consider the equipment you need. For your time-lapse video, you need to have the right software to edit video clips.

To make your time-lapse video more appealing, you can add music to it. You can import audio files or download free music tracks using a video editor like Movavi. It is also possible to export the video to your favorite video service or app.

Graphite pencil

To draw a collie, begin by sketching a rough head and body. The head should be about one-fifth the size of the body. Next, draw a curving line for the muzzle. This curve should resemble an upside-down arc.

Use a purple color pencil to draw the outline and dark tones of the dog’s face. Many beginners who are trying to learn how to color pencils start by sketching with graphite pencil. However, this approach tarnishes the purity of color.

Coloured pencil

In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a Border Collie dog using coloured pencils. You will also learn how to draw its black fur, white fur, and its tongue and teeth. The guide contains 47 pages of step-by-step instructions. You can follow these steps to draw your own pet.

The first step is to lay down an outline for your drawing. Use purple for the face and dark tones for the eyes. Some beginners use graphite pencil to sketch the face, but this tarnishes the purity of the colours. The second step involves establishing the tones of the eyes and hair.


To draw a collie, start by sketching the head shape and body. Add some details, such as the long, soft coat. Next, add hair strokes to give the coat texture and length. After that, begin to draw the legs and feet. Now that you have an accurate sketch, you can color the picture.

Using a drafting film, a translucent polyester paper, and a pencil, you’ll be able to draw a realistic-looking Collie. It will give your portrait a lovely luminous look. You can choose different colour pencils for the details of the dog’s face.

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