How to Get a Cargo Plane in GTA 5 Offline






If you’re wondering how to get a cargo plane in GTA 5 offline, you’ve come to the right place! Here we’ll discuss how to get a Besra cargo plane or a Western Company Mallard, as well as steal a Titan from the military base.

Getting a cargo plane in gta 5

Getting a cargo plane is one of the most challenging and rewarding achievements in GTA Online. Although the game includes various types of aircraft, many players want to get their hands on a cargo plane. The game includes a thread on Reddit where players discuss the plane and their wish to have it.

The Cargo Plane is the largest vehicle in the game, and is only available in the GTA V story mode. To obtain a cargo plane, you must complete missions called Cargo Plane Sandbox. The missions take place off the western coast near Fort Zancudo, on the edge of a rocky underwater cliff.

In GTA Online, you can purchase a cargo plane from one of two vendors, Elitas Travel and Warstock Cache and Carry. Once you have one, you can fly over the city and enjoy the scenery. You can fly as high as eight thousand feet in the air, landing in the Los Santos International Airport.

Getting a Besra in gta 5

A Besra is a plane in GTA 5 that costs $1,150,000. The Besra is the go-to plane for challenges that require flying under bridges. It can be used in the first-person camera and is highly maneuverable.

Getting a Western Company Mallard in gta 5

If you want to get an armored plane, you should consider getting the Western Company Mallard, which can be stolen in GTA V Story Mode. This plane costs $250,000 and can be stored as a Pegasus Vehicle or a Personal Aircraft. It has a slow speed, which means it is safer to make adjustments while flying around the city. To obtain the Mallard, you can go to the Pegasus Concierge and request it. This plane is based on the Extra EA-300.
Getting a Western Company Seabreeze in gta 5

The Western Company Seabreeze is an armored, weaponized plane in GTA 5 online. This plane costs $1130,500 to purchase, and it can be customized at the Hangar Aircraft Workshop. Getting this plane is easy, but it can be difficult to land or stop in some situations. In order to get one, you need to complete 36 Air Freight Cargo Missions in the game.

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