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If you’re wondering how to get masks in The Division, you’re not alone. There are a variety of different masks in the game. You can choose from Crimson masks, Ghoul masks, and Phantom masks. To get a particular mask, you’ll need to complete a side quest. You can find this side quest in the bottom center of Downtown East.

Collecting masks in The Division 2

Collecting masks in The Division 2 requires some work. First, you’ll need to complete a sidequest. The mission is called Agent Edward’s Support Anomalous Mission, and you can find it in the bottom center of Downtown East. After you complete it, you’ll have found the 11th mask.

There are two ways to find masks in The Division 2. The first is by going to a Demolition Site and finding a Demon Mask. It may take a few minutes, but you’ll have a great reward once you’ve found it. You can also use it in a Dark Zone to protect yourself.

Another way to collect masks in The Division 2 is to become a Hunter. These characters are sought-after by other players and are available in the trophy room of the Base of Operations. You’ll have to level them up to summon them, but once you do, you’ll be able to summon them whenever you want. They’re a challenging, fun way to progress in the game.

Collecting the Phantom mask is a bit more involved than other Division 2 masks. For example, to get a Death mask, you’ll need to defeat four hunters near the ViewPoint Museum, and the Diamond mask requires you to fight four hunters near the Washington Monument. In addition to these, there are also a number of other ways to collect them, and the best way to unlock them is by completing a side mission to unlock a new Hunter.

Getting a Crimson mask

Getting a Crimson mask in The Division is fairly simple. In the first game, you need to have the Crimson faction to be able to obtain this item. To do this, you will need to head to the District Union Arena stronghold, where you’ll find a courtyard with a computer inside. From there, you’ll need to kill four targets that spawn outside. Once you have done this, a Hunter will appear and drop the Crimson mask.

To get a Crimson mask in The Division 2, you must be in the Downtown East zone. This is the same area where you can find a Demon mask. You can also find a Crimson mask by luring a Division 2 Hunter, who drops it if you’re able to capture him. The hunter is on the eastern side of Downtown East.

After obtaining the Crimson mask, you can equip it in The Division 2 and open the Weapon Box using the Ivory Key. You’ll find the Ivory Key in the same room where you encounter Barber, so be sure to use it. After completing this, you’ll be able to obtain the other three masks in The Division 2: Death, Diamond, and Phantom.

To get the Hunter Mask, you’ll need to kill the Hunter near the Potomac Event Center. If you can, make sure to use the Hunter’s emote to kill him. This will also give you the Hunter’s mask and Midas Mask. In addition to these two, the Hunter will drop a Ghoul Mask if you kill it.

Getting a Ghoul mask

In Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, there are 12 masks to unlock. The Ghoul mask is the easiest to obtain, and you can get it by playing the game solo. The easiest way to get a Ghoul mask is by visiting West Potomac Park, which has underground entrances marked as waypoints that lead to sewers. If you are not sure which tunnel to use, look for the one closest to the north.

Once you’ve gathered all the cryptic clues and completed the Tenpenny Tower, you can wear a ghoul mask to avoid being attacked by feral ghouls. However, this mask has a small downside. Feral ghouls will still attack you unless you take the time to speak with them.

Getting a Ghoul mask in The Division can be a tricky task, but it’s not impossible. In fact, there are several ways to obtain this mask in the game. First, you’ll need to slay a hunter. Generally, it’s best to use signature weapons such as the grenade launcher. Then, you’ll be rewarded with a Ghoul mask and an ivory key.

Getting a Ghoul mask is a fairly simple task if you’ve got a strong team. Regardless of whether you’re on a solo mission or playing with a group, you’ll need to complete a mission before you go back to the Potomac Event Center. To get a crimson mask, you’ll need to complete a quest and kill two hunters.

Getting a Phantom mask

If you’re looking to get a Phantom mask in the division, the first step is to find a Hunter. Hunters are special enemies, who must be summoned by doing certain tasks. They can be tough to kill, and their goal is to take over all technology. After defeating a Hunter, you can equip a mask in the apparel menu. This mask is a visual item, and will prove to other players that you’ve conquered each hunter.

You can find a Hunter in the northern part of the map. You can spot them when they are running around a Christmas tree. They will drop their masks when killed. If you want to get the mask in a hurry, there’s another way to find one. While you’re in the area, you can interact with the computer, phone, or desk. If you want to get the Phantom mask easily, try going to the northeastern part of the map. Once there, go down a staircase and follow the path to an open glass area.

Another way to obtain a Phantom mask in the division is by going to the shopping mall. Once there, head to the grassy platform and shoot four targets. Once you’re done, a Hunter will spawn. You can then kill him.

Getting a Midas mask

If you are a hunter in the game, there are a few ways to get a Midas mask. First, you will need to complete a mission at the Potomac Event Center. After that, head to the swimming pool in the West End region. You will need to jump and perform the emote known as Jumping Jacks. When you finish, two Hunters will spawn and you can kill them and get the mask.

You can also get a Midas mask by going to Downtown East and saluting the wall. To do this, you must be near the courtyard at night. You can also find the hunter near the statue of Liberty. To find the statue, you can also use the map’s map.

Once you have a Hunter, you can start hunting. When you get a Hunter, you can also use a teleportation device to jump to the area with a Christmas tree. Eventually, you will be able to see a Hunter on the Christmas tree. After a while, you can move on to the next area to earn the Phantom mask.

The next part of the process involves a sidequest. This mission involves completing a mission called the Unknown Activity mission. You must complete this side quest to get your mask. You must also complete a side quest called Agent Edward’s Support Anomalous Mission to get this item.

Getting a Revenant mask

There are several ways to get a Revenant mask in The Division. You can obtain it by completing a side quest. To get this mask, you need to defeat a hunter that is spawned on a large orange circle in front of a monument. Once you defeat the hunter, you can wear the mask.

You can also get a Revenant mask in the Division by completing the Potomac Event Center. The location is near the Lincoln Memorial on the west side of the park. Once inside, there will be a laptop and a large room. In this room, you will need to interact with the map to get a Revenant mask.

You can also get a Revenant mask by taking on two Hunters. To do this, you need to complete the Potomac Event Center mission. After that, head to the swimming pool and perform the “Jumping Jack” emote. You will then be able to take down the Revenants.

Getting a Revenant mask in the Division requires a few nights of playing the game. You must have a decent amount of time and be able to kill two or four hunters at once. It is best to team up with your teammates to complete this quest. After you defeat the hunters, they will drop a different mask. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get the Midas mask and an ivory key as well.

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