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To get the coveted Thorn Exotic Weapon in Destiny: Rise of Iron, you must obtain the Skelton Key. This key is required to open the Strike Hoard chest, which is located near the end of the “The Abomination Heist” strike (a beefed-up version of “The Summoning Pits”). You receive the Skelton Key as a reward from the quest “None Are Perfect.” Upon completion of this quest, you will receive the Thorn. You can get this legendary weapon in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

Year 3 Thorn Exotic Weapon

The Year 3 Thorn is one of the most coveted weapons in Destiny: Rise of Iron. This weapon can be obtained by using Motes of Light, which you get by playing matches in the Crucible and cashing in engrams. The Year 3 Thorn can also be obtained through the Strike “The Abomination Heist”. This weapon is very useful in the Crucible.

Although the Thorn’s damage output is great, the weapon has several shortcomings that make it unsuitable for Raids. The main disadvantage is the short range. The optimal range for the Thorn is 30 meters, and the damage drops sharply as the distance increases. The damage output of the Thorn is 68 per body, and it also adds four tics of two damage.

The Year 3 Thorn is a level 20 exotic hand cannon. It is a unique exotic hand cannon, which can be obtained by completing A Light in the Dark. Its piercing rounds cause lingering damage for some time. The Thorn can be purchased from a vendor in the Monument to Lost Lights weapon vault.

The Year 3 Thorn Exotic Weapon can be obtained through a questline, which will start when you complete the first quest in Rise of Iron. You can also earn the weapon by turning in various bounties, which will increase your chances of acquiring the item. You will also need to obtain a Skelton Key to open the Strike Hoard chest. After completing the quest, you’ll get a Thorn as a reward.

Obtaining the Year 3 Thorn Exotic Weapon is extremely easy. After completing the A Light in the Dark Exotic quest, you’ll be able to equip the weapon with ease. It has higher damage and stats than other weapons. The Year 3 Thorn is the best Exotic Weapon in the game. If you’re looking for a guide to earn it, here are some tips to make the process as simple as possible.

While it’s not a good choice for solo play, the Thorn is a good option for Reaper. Using Soul Devourer while equipped with this weapon makes it easier to clear ads. However, it doesn’t beat Huckleberry or Breakneck in PvP, which can both generate orbs of light. Thorn is also better when used in special categories, where you can easily re-use it through multikills.

Abomination Heist

If you haven’t played Destiny: Rise of Iron yet, you may be wondering how to get the thorn rise of iron, the most coveted weapon in the game. In order to obtain the thorn, you need Motes of Light, which can be earned from the Crucible or by cashing in engrams. You can also get them from “The Abomination Heist” Strike, which unlocks the Year 3 Thorn Exotic.

The first step in this quest is to obtain a Skelton Key. This will allow you to open the chest containing the thorn. This Key is found in the Strike Hoard, which can be found in the Abomination Heist, which is a level 320 version of the Summoning Pits. This item can also be obtained by completing the quest “None Are Perfect”. Once you have obtained this key, you will be rewarded with the thorn.

The next step is to complete the thorn quest in Year 3. This quest requires you to kill five enemies in the Crucible, do Void damage and collect five Motes of Light. You will also need a Skeleton Key to open the hoard. This can be obtained by doing “None are Perfect”.

During the Taken War, the Thorn was left in the dust and has been waiting for its big comeback in year three of Destiny. There are several ways to get the thorn in Rise of Iron, but the easiest one is to defeat Kovik, the high priest of the Devil Splicers. In addition to that, you can kill 500 Devil Fallen and gain access to the Strike Hoard.

Obtaining the thorn in Year 3 is a bit tricky. The quest requires the completion of several bounties, but is similar to the year one bounty. Once you’ve completed the bounties, you can obtain the thorn in Year 3 by defeating Kovik, destroying hundreds of Fallen and defeating Guardians.

Mark of the Devourer DoT stacking

Mark of the Devourer is a damage-based DPS spell that applies damage to an enemy for four ticks. Its range is optimal at thirty meters. Beyond this, the damage drops off sharply. Mark of the Devourer stacks up to five times. Each shot deals 68 damage to an enemy.

Mark of the Devourer is found on the exotic weapon Thorn. It deals damage over time to whatever you shoot with your weapon for three to five seconds. This effect is non-stackable. This makes Mark of the Devourer a great choice for melee DPS players who don’t want to be constantly slinging around.

Defeating rival Guardians with Void-based attacks

Void-based attacks are a powerful way of destroying an opponent. The Void element is far more powerful than Erasure or Destruction, and it can completely destroy any attack or defense. In addition, it can wipe out negative energy and time. Because it can destroy anything, it is considered an element.

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