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There are many reasons to jailbreak your iPhone XR. This step may void your warranty, install spyware and malware, and decrease battery life. Moreover, jailbreaking a new phone will prevent it from receiving new features and improvements. You will have to download an older firmware for your phone. To do this, download Unc0ver 4.0 or Checkra1n. This method will void your warranty.

Unc0ver 4.0

After the release of jailbreak versions for A12 and A13 Bionic chips, the Unc0ver team has now released an update for the iOS 12.4 firmware. The latest version fixes several major bugs and issues. It also fixes issues with the App Store on A12 and A13 devices and improves reliability. It’s important to note that some people had installed app sync unified and had issues with the App Store and jailbreak.

After downloading and installing the application, you’ll need to install it onto your device. You’ll need an Apple ID and an App-Specific Password to use the tweak. Once it’s installed, you’ll be asked to trust the app again, which will give you access to your device. Now, you’re ready to jailbreak your iPhone! You’ll need to reboot the device once the jailbreak is finished to restore it.

The most convenient way to install Unc0ver is to use the AltStore app, which is available on Windows and Mac PCs. If you’re using a Mac, you’ll need to unzip the setup file and drag it into your Apps folder. The installation process should take about an hour. If you’re unsure about your computer’s capabilities, please read the guide before you proceed.

You can also uninstall the Unc0ver jailbreak by restoring the device to factory settings. This process will also wipe all user data and will restore the device to factory settings. Then, you can enjoy the jailbreak again. It’s not difficult, and you can try it out right now! If you’re not comfortable using Unc0ver 4.0, you can simply use iTunes to restore your device.

To install Unc0ver on an iPhone xr, you must first create an account with Apple’s Developer Program. You can then access the software from the AltStore. If you’re unable to log in to the app, you can install the app using web links. You should also install the AltStore app. You can follow the steps described above to jailbreak an iPhone xr.


To checkra1n jailbreak an iPhone XR, the first thing you have to do is to make sure your device is off. If it is on, connect it to your Mac using the Lightning cable. If you haven’t done so already, you may be asked to enter a passcode. Wait for the jailbreak process to finish, and then unplug the device. Once it’s completed, you can install Cydia and enjoy your jailbroken device.

If you’re running iOS 12.3, you can use the checkra1n tool. However, it doesn’t work with the latest iPhone XR. It doesn’t support the launch of the iPhone XR, but it is compatible with iOS 12.3 and iOS 13.2.2. You can install the tool from its DMG package by dragging it to your Applications folder. Once installed, you can open it using the security dialog.

To jailbreak an iPhone XR, use the Checkra1n tool, which is a community project. This tool is based on the checkm8 bootrom exploit. To use the jailbreak, you must first remove the iOS OTA update file from your device’s storage and reboot your device. Make sure you’ve backed up all important data and install a backup before starting the jailbreak.

You can use this jailbreak tool to jailbreak your iPhone XR with iOS 12.1. The tool supports all iPhone models from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone XR. If you’re running iOS 14.8 or older, you can also use the Checkra1n tool to jailbreak your iPhone XR. It’s worth mentioning, however, that this tool is only compatible with the iPhone X.

After downloading and installing the software, you’ll need a Mac or a PC running Windows. You’ll find the checkra1n icon in the applications folder. You may experience a problem when opening the app since it’s not from the official app store. If that happens, you’ll have to download the software again from an unofficial source. Then, run Rufus and wait for the downloaded Checkra1n file.


The LiberiOS jailbreak for iPhone XR is based on an exploit discovered by security researcher Ian Beer, but it is not a full-fledged jailbreak. While it provides access to Cydia, SSH, and root, it does not allow easy installation of tweaks or packages. It is, however, still an excellent choice for those who want a jailbreak with minimal hassle.

After successfully downloading the LiberiOS jailbreak app from the iOS App Store, launch it from the Home screen. Next, you’ll be prompted with a successful jailbreak screen. Once the process is complete, you will need to trust the LiberiOS app. This can be done by either tapping the “Do It” button or launching it from the Home screen. After the jailbreak is complete, the LiberiOS app will prompt you to accept its terms and conditions.

To install the LiberiOS jailbreak, you’ll need to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. The software works on both macOS and Windows. Make sure you are using a compatible version of firmware. If you’re running an older version of iOS, you should be able to download LiberiOS directly from Levin’s website. Then, follow the instructions to install Cydia.

During the process, you will need a Cydia Impactor tool, which allows you to sideload apps from the Cydia app store. Once you’ve downloaded the software, drag the LiberiOS IPA file into Cydia Impactor’s UI. From there, you’ll need to open Settings and select LiberiOS jailbreak. Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll have an open Cydia app for iPhone XR.

After successfully jailbreaking your iPhone, you’ll need to restore the firmware of your device to iOS 5.0.1 or earlier. This will fix any hardware-related issues and restore the phone to its original “clean” state. You’ll need a developer account to perform this jailbreak, but you don’t have to pay for it. The jailbreak process will take several hours to complete. Just be sure to backup your iPhone before starting.


The process for jailbreaking an iPhone XR can be done using unc0ver. It is a program that restores the root file system of iOS devices. Once this process has completed, you will receive a notification indicating that the root file system has been restored. The entire process should take 10 to 12 minutes. If you’re not experiencing this in a reasonable amount of time, do not reboot or hard reset the device. Instead, you should try entering wiggle mode and uninstalling the unc0ver application.

While checkm8’s jailbreak may have been groundbreaking, unc0ver isn’t. Its jailbreak is based on exploits in the OS kernel. Although it’s not as comprehensive as checkm8’s, it still has its place in the digital forensics community. Using this tool for forensic analysis allows investigators to make full use of the phone’s functions and procedures.

The most notable feature of unc0ver is its ability to jailbreak devices running iOS 13 and newer. It supports both iOS 12.3 and iOS 13 and is the most popular jailbreak tool. It’s important to note, however, that there are a few bugs with this tool, but the team is working on an update to fix them. When using unc0ver, make sure to back up your device before jailbreaking it.

To use Unc0ver, you must download and install Cydia on your Mac. Install AltStar. Once you’ve done this, click the Unc0ver icon on your home screen to confirm that the device has been jailbroken. Afterward, you’ll need to connect your phone to your computer once every week for unc0ver to work properly. After you’ve finished installing the software, your phone should display the Unc0ver logo on the home screen.

Once you’ve downloaded Unc0ver, connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer. Launch the Cydia app. Search for SSH in the ‘Package Names & Descriptions’ field. Now, download the SSH Connect package. After it has been downloaded, unpack it and install it. You can now access your iPhone XR’s jailbreak. However, you should note that this method doesn’t work for all models.

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