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How to play awkward moment is a game in which players collect cards from the game board. The cards are divided into two types: Reaction cards and Decider cards. The Reaction cards list the reactions that each player could have in various situations. The Decider card is used to decide which Reaction a player should give. The player who manages to collect the most cards at the end of the game wins the game.

Reaction cards list a variety of ways the player could react

In Awkward Moment Card Game, players are faced with a situation and must try to react in the best way. They use different types of cards to score points. The moment cards describe the situation and the Reaction Cards list possible ways to react. Reaction cards are collected from different types of situations.

Each turn, the Decider draws a Moment card, describing a hypothetical situation. The players then must respond to that situation using Reaction Cards, and the person who has chosen the best reaction wins that round. The game is meant to evoke discussion about social and academic dilemmas, including bias against women and girls. A subset of the cards describes situations in which a female is the victim of stereotypical behavior, and players must imagine what their own reaction would be.

Awkward Moment card game is a great way to get teens out of their comfort zones. While the game is not about forcing teenagers to get in awkward situations, it does put them into stressful and embarrassing situations. It helps them prepare for the awkward moments they’ll face in the future.

Decider cards list a possible response to the awkward moment

Awkward Moment is a card game that lets players act out mortifying moments and respond to them by drawing a “Decider” or “Reaction” card. A player then plays the card that best fits the situation. The player with the best response wins the Moment card, which is used to tell a story.

Players begin by taking a turn. The “Decider” is the player chosen to take the turn and draws the top-most Moment and Decider cards. During this turn, the “Decider” must read the Moment cards aloud to the other players, and the Decider card lists guidelines for the rest of the game. After reading the Moment cards, the “Decider” then selects two Reaction cards to play and plays them face-up.

The game is played with three to eight players. Players take turns drawing a Moment card from the Decider deck, revealing a stressful or embarrassing situation. Players then use their Decider cards to determine the best Reaction and submit it as the winning Reaction. The game lasts approximately 20 minutes.

The game is easy to learn. It is based on the idea that everyone knows what their reaction would be if the situation was real. Throughout the game, players must decide which reaction best fits the situation, as the reaction of one player may change the outcome of the game.

Collect the most cards to win the game

Awkward Moment is a card game that combines social interaction with card-drawing. In each round, you draw a moment card to describe a situation and then respond to it using a reaction card. If you manage to collect the most cards and win the game, you will become the Decider and be able to decide the next round’s winner.

There are five Reaction cards in the game. Each card lists possible reactions a person may have to an awkward moment. Each player will choose a Reaction card and then place it face up in front of the Decider. The Decider then reads the reaction cards aloud to the group, and then picks a winner. The player who gave the winning reaction gets to keep the moment card.

Awkward Moment is a card game that puts three to eight players in uncomfortable social situations. The game explores the different reactions people might have to embarrassing situations like passing gas in public or having your Facebook account hacked. Each round, a player takes a turn as “the Decider,” and they must choose the best reaction for the situation. Players try to impress the Decider by collecting as many cards as they can and submitting the best possible response. Awkward Moment is a 20-minute game that is designed for middle-school students.

Awkward Moment is a card game designed by Zara Downs, Mary Flanagan, Andrea McClave, and Max Seidman. The game consists of 69 moment cards, two hundred Reaction cards, and seventeen Decider cards. It is played in turns, and the player who has the most cards at the end of each turn is the “Decider”.

Each player is dealt a set of Moment cards and a “Decider” card. Each player must then choose a Reaction card that best fits the Moment cards revealed on the board. The player who chooses the winning “Reaction” card tells a story using the “Reaction” card.

Getting started

The awkward moment card game is a fun way to bond with friends and family. The game involves deciding which reaction and response to choose when someone says something embarrassing. A card with various embarrassing situations is placed face-up and the decider must choose the right one. The reactions are based on the guidelines listed on the Decider card. The decider then reads each reaction and choice one at a time.

Awkward moments can occur at any time, and in this game, you will be able to react appropriately. Each player’s reaction will determine whether or not they are the winner. There are three types of reaction cards: moment cards, reaction cards, and decider cards. The first type of card is a “decider” card. Then, each player will select the Moment card that best fits the revealed cards. The winning “Reaction” card will be used to tell a story.

Awkward Moment is a card game that can be played with three to eight players. The first player is designated “Decider” and the second player is designated as “Moment.” Each player takes turns being “the Decider” and tries to impress the Decider by using the best Reaction. Awkward Moment is a 20-minute game suitable for middle school and high school students.

Awkward Moment is an extremely simple game. Players can compete in teams or cooperatively and can also play as solo or with friends. There are many different game modes and you can even play it with your family. If you are an introvert, you might want to choose a more challenging game mode to get the hang of it.

The first round of Awkward Moment involves choosing a “Decider” and “Moment” card. The “Decider” is the player who decides who wins the game and who gets the moment card. This role is rotated clockwise, so the player who gets the most cards wins.

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