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FIFA 17 is a soccer simulation game. It consists of many exciting features, such as the new story mode and the Two button mode. You can also change your gameplay depending on your performance on the field and decisions you make off it. However, if you are new to the game, it is a good idea to get familiar with some of its basics before you get started.

Two button mode

The Two Button Controls in FIFA 17 allow you to control individual players without using your mouse. This feature is especially helpful when you are defending a goal. You can use the ‘A’ button to pass to your opponent when you are in possession of the ball, or ‘X’ to apply pressure. You can also switch to the Contending button by pressing LT or L2.

This mode is great for younger players who may not be yet familiar with the game’s controls. This mode also gives them more control over the ball when they are heading it. It can also be used to simulate training sessions before a game. The game’s controls are not as complex as FIFA’s, so it is easy for younger players to get the hang of it.

However, this mode is not without its drawbacks. First of all, it can make the game slower. In other words, FIFA 17 encourages players to focus on their team instead of rushing into the final third. Second, there are some issues with the game’s AI. It can sometimes be tricky to control a player’s speed and distance.

The Frostbite engine is the basis of the game’s graphics. This engine allows for a much prettier render than previous games. In addition, it helps with volumetric lighting. However, the incremental changes to gameplay are not entirely due to Frostbite, and the game’s old coding problems remain.

Another notable change is the new Journey story mode. This mode is similar to Mass Effect and other role-playing games. Players follow a fictional teenager who is pursuing his dream of being a professional soccer player. During the game, you will be split between training exercises and matches. You will only be able to interact with your team members when you reach significant milestones.

Shielding the ball

Shielding the ball when playing FIFA 17 is one of the best ways to protect your team’s possession of the ball. Shielding the ball can be accomplished by holding the left trigger. This technique will give your team more time to pass the ball. You can also use this strategy to defend your goal and keep the opposing team from scoring.

Shielding the ball can be a huge asset to your team in FIFA 17. The mechanic is very useful in air battles, but you must be stronger than your opponent to do so effectively. Shielding the ball makes it much more difficult to tackle your opponent. Shielding the ball when playing FIFA 17 is not a good idea for anyone who likes to play slower and build up the team slowly.

Shielding the ball when playing FIFA 17 involves making yourself bigger than the opposing team and using your arms to push and pull. Shielding the ball is only legal when the shielding player is able to maintain their balance. The shielding move should not be used to knock the opponent off or hold them.

Shielding the ball when playing FIFA 17 is an essential part of any attacking strategy. Using this technique helps you to create space and create shots. Shielding the ball with your body can also help you to move around defenders, which is not an option in FIFA 16. In addition, it also makes your opponents more difficult to get the ball. Shielding the ball is also an essential skill in attacking the midfield.

New story mode

FIFA 17 is making a bold move by adding a new story mode. The company has previously avoided taking risks with major new features, but this time, the developer has gone big. The new mode represents a risk because of the high development costs and time needed for this kind of project. Still, it’s an opportunity to innovate.

The new story mode in FIFA 17 is called “The Journey”. This mode will let you follow the life of a young footballer called Alex Hunter, who is trying to make it in the Premier League. As a player, you will experience his ups and downs, and the way he makes decisions will determine his future.

The story mode in FIFA 17 is inspired by the Mass Effect games. It’s designed to take players on a journey through the English Premier League. It’s a 20-hour journey that’s packed with interesting details and challenges. As you progress through the story, you’ll meet various characters. The first player is Gareth Walker, who starts ahead of the player. Eventually, he’s brought onto the bench when the game is tied at one.

The story mode in FIFA 17 is a major feature. The producer of the game has said that the player’s progression will vary based on the storyline. The player may drop from their club, which can change the dynamics of the story telling. As a result, the player might not be able to reach important narrative milestones. In the end, it’s important to ensure that the game’s storyline fits with your own personal development.

This mode is different from the classic campaign mode. While the gameplay is similar to FIFA’s previous game modes, it’s more interactive. You’ll be able to play as a whole team or as a single player. In the latter case, you’ll be tasked with boosting the Hunter’s match grade, so you’ll feel the pressure to funnel the ball to him.

Xbox One S with FIFA 17

The Xbox One S comes equipped with the latest FIFA game, FIFA 17. This football simulation video game was developed and published by EA Sports and Electronic Arts, and was released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It is the first FIFA game to feature the Frostbite engine. Designed to simulate the real-life game-play of a professional soccer team, FIFA 17 offers a realistic soccer experience.

The Xbox One S with FIFA 17 bundle includes FIFA 17 digitally, three Loan Legends, a month of EA Access, and a rare player pack. This bundle is available starting September 22 in the United States, Canada, and Europe. It will also be available in Australia and New Zealand.

The Xbox One S features a slimmer and lighter design than the original Xbox One. It also comes with a built-in power supply. It can be easily placed on a flat surface or positioned vertically. It is compatible with a variety of apps. The Xbox One S also allows you to pin favorite apps to the home screen for fast access.

FIFA 17 features a powerful Frostbite engine that completely reimagines soccer gameplay. It also introduces new soccer players and worlds to play in. Complete innovation in player movement and interaction is also featured. It also includes a built-in UHD Blu-ray disc player, which allows you to enjoy FIFA games even more.

Another notable feature of FIFA 17 is its enhanced career mode. This mode gives players the opportunity to manage teams and earn status, and the game’s new Financial System adds a whole new dimension to the game. It also allows players to create and manage their own teams using the Ultimate Team community network.

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