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Joker is one of the many DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but how can you unlock him? The process of unlocking DLC characters can vary, depending on the type. Players who have been playing for a while may know the basics of the process. However, there are some important things to note before you attempt to unlock Joker.

Phantom Thief

You can unlock Phantom Thief in Smash Ultimate by completing the game’s main quest line. It is a simple process and you can start playing the game right away. The game also features other new characters, such as Joker and Catwoman, so you can choose who you want to play as. Once you’ve unlocked all the characters, you’ll be able to play them in a wide variety of ways.

The story of the Phantom Thief is based on the anime and manga series. It’s a story about a shady mafia boss called Junya Kaneshiro who recruits Shujin Academy students to smuggle drugs through Shibuya. The principal gives Makoto the task of investigating the case and the Phantom Thieves try to save her. However, Junya Kaneshiro blackmails them into paying him or else he’ll show them on the school walls.

The Phantom Thief’s true strength lies in working with Arsene. However, the player must be patient to get the most out of her. Her weak point is that she is vulnerable while shielding and can lose trades easily. She is also easy to juggle, which makes her easy to use but not that strong.

Phantom Thief is an iconic character from the Persona series and has a Final Smash in Smash Ultimate. This attack is based on Joker’s Final Smash, which is similar to the All-Out Attack from Persona 5. Her smash is powerful, and her taunts are great. If you are playing with her, try using her taunt with Morgana, one of the characters from Persona 5.

If you’re wondering how to unlock Phantom Thief in Smash Ultimate, you can use a few methods. The first way is to download Persona 5 DLC. Then, you can complete Classic Mode as the character and unlock Joker Spirit. Once you’ve downloaded the DLC, you can also purchase the Phantom Thief Spirit in the game’s shop.

Persona Arsene

Persona Arsene is a playable character in Super Smash Ultimate. She’s an avatar with pointy high heels and a red suit jacket. The top hat is higher than the torso, and her wings are very detailed. She’s one of the best-designed Personas. However, she’s only useful in the early game and the first couple of dungeons.

The character is based on a fictional character, and appears in a number of Atlus games. Arsene first appears in the Persona 5 series, as the partner of the Joker. She also appears in several non-interactive adaptations. The Persona series has been expanded to other genres, and Arsene has appeared in several video games as a part of crossovers.

The game’s mechanics are similar to that of Persona 5, but there are some key differences between the two. Arsene’s weapon can’t take damage from the down button, but she can use her Downward aerial gun to hit enemies from the back. While it’s not as devastating as the Joker’s Up B, it can still be effective. In addition, it gives Arsene access to Phantom Thieves, who is an important character in Persona 5.

Arsene has a powerful second hit, the “Electric Knife.” This attack has a KO at 112%/73%, and puts the opponent at a disadvantage. It can be followed by an up aerial to close the distance between the two. You can also use the X-shaped slash to damage your opponents.

Arsene is very useful for Joker. He can help him gain advantage and damage by strengthening his attack. Arsene can also help him use his specials. The Persona can tank attacks, but you can’t use it in full when he’s at a disadvantage.

The Rebellion Gauge

If you haven’t heard, The Rebellion Gauge in Smash Ultimate is an in-game item you can use on Joker to boost his attacks. This item will fill as Joker is hit while using his down special, or when he takes general damage. Once the Rebellion Gauge is full, Joker will summon his ally Arsene, who will enhance his attacks and change his special moves. The Rebellion Gauge builds over time, so you’ll need to be patient and try to use it wisely.

The Rebellion Gauge is a meter located next to Joker’s portrait. It is a gray meter with a black frame. By default, it has a red splash around it, but this color changes to yellow or blue when Persona 3 or Persona 4 music is playing. When it fills, the gauge will turn pink.

Once the Rebellion Gauge is filled, Joker can perform several special moves that boost his damage. Among these moves are Grappling Hook and Wings of Redemption. Joker’s up special attack has a great range and is useful for holding onto ledges and collecting items above him. Using Rebel’s Guard allows Joker to deflect hits and build up a Rebellion Gauge.

The Joker uses two phases in battle: the default phase is weak, and you must build up the Rebellion Gauge to summon Arsene. The Rebellion Gauge fills up slowly, but with Arsene, Joker’s special attack has a much larger effect.

In addition to fighting with the Joker, the game’s dark magic spell Eiha makes him more powerful. The special attack makes him invincible for a short time and increases his damage output. He can also summon his ally Arsene using the Grappling Hook.


Previously known as Makarakarn, Tetrakarn first appeared in Shin Megami Tensei. In that game, they were used to block physical and magical attacks. However, the Persona 5 series changed this and gave them new names. However, they are not fully available in the game because Arsene cannot learn the moves normally. However, players can inherit them from other Personas.

In Smash Ultimate, you can unlock Tetrakarn by defeating an enemy that uses the physical attack. Tetrakarn is the fastest counter in the game, with a four-frame startup time and a FAF of 57. It is also the most damaging counter, beating out King K. Rool’s Gut Check and other special moves. Its hitbox is very large, covering the entire body, and it also deals good distance.

This powerful ally protects all allied characters from physical attacks for one turn. The shield is not Strength-based, but based on an element. It also overrides stronger affinities. Furthermore, it overrides the effects of other shields. The reflection of the shield also ignores any attacks and damage-related stats of the attacker. It also does not stack with Makarakarn or Elec Block. Tetrakarn also overrides critical hits.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tetrakarn can be summoned by Joker. This special attack adds powerful variants to Joker’s attacks. It also reflects projectiles and reduces melee damage. In addition, it increases the damage of Joker’s weapon.


The Makarakarn character has a defensive ability that grants repelling resistance to Magic. This special ability overrides other affinities and ignores secondary effects, but it has limitations. For example, it does not protect against Piercing attacks or stack with other shields. The shield can only be used once per turn.

This new character can be unlocked with the Hero Pass. This means that you must defeat an opponent with a powerful attack to gain its buff. Makarakarn has a large hitbox and reflects projectiles 1.6 times their speed. Makarakarn also has a powerful counterattack, which can be devastating against projectile attacks.

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