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There are several ways to view 360 degree videos and photos on your iPhone or Android device. The first way is to download an app called Panorama. This app is free and allows you to view 360 degree videos and photos. Once you have downloaded the app, simply hit the orange circles or tap the white dot in the center of the screen to take a photo. Then, you can view your pictures in the Photos app or in the Gallery app on newer Android versions. Panorama also lets you view raw 360 photos.


If you are interested in taking 360 degree photos, Momento360 can help you do so. The app lets you create flat photographs from 360-degree imagery. All you have to do is select the viewport you want and click on the Create Photo button. Then, a new tab will open with your photos.

In Momento360, you can also send a collection of photos to someone. The recipient simply needs to touch a button to view the photo in virtual reality. Alternatively, you can email them the collection. Then, they can tap on the button on the headset to experience the collection in VR.

Once you’ve created the photo gallery, you can begin sharing it with the world. Momento360 is a free service that lets you view, share, and upload 360 photos. You can even create your own virtual tours. It works with any 360-degree camera. Once you’ve created your 360-degree tour, you can embed it on your website or on your social media page. The service supports Gear VR and Google Cardboard, so you can share it with people using these devices.

Insta360 Nano

Using the camera app on your iPhone, you can take panoramic photos. The default Camera app has a feature called Panorama. Panoramic photos must be a certain width before they can be uploaded to websites such as Facebook. The default Camera app makes it difficult to measure the width of a panoramic photo. To get the right width, you should take a panoramic full-length shot.

First, you must open the 360 photo app. In the app, tap the plus sign. Next, click the Open Camera option. After that, hold the camera still and wait until you see orange dots on the screen. The icons will keep updating a circular border with each click. Once you have captured the full 360-degree motion, the icons will turn green.

You can also view 360 photos on iPhone by using the panorama application. This app uses your iPhone’s orientation sensor to take panorama photos. You must then hold the device steady near your chest. If you move the phone while taking the photo, the picture will not be clear or have level errors. To avoid this, use a tripod.

Another option is to use a 360-degree camera, such as the Insta360 Nano. This camera can connect to your iPhone using a Lightning port. You can then launch the Insta360 app. Then, tap on the shutter button to take the picture. When you see the green LED, you can press the shutter button to capture the image. You can also use a MicroSD card for storage.

You can also use a photo app to view 360-degree photos. This application was previously known as Photonomie. This app is designed for showcasing a location. It also has an easy interface and allows you to add narration to your 360-degree photos. It also allows you to share 360-degree videos on social media.


If you’ve been looking for an app to take 360-degree photos on your iPhone, Photonomie is the one to get. This app allows you to take photos in real time, and even integrates a sharing feature. Compatible with iPhones from the 5C to the 6+, Photonomie uses an algorithm to stitch together 360-degree photographs. It’s a great tool for creating breathtaking 360-degree pictures of any scene.

The Photonomie 360 photo app is a free download for iPhone. It lets you take 360-degree immersive photos in real time. You can even take underwater pictures! The experience is similar to that of “Cardboard” for Android, but this app does not require a special viewer. Instead, you can see your 360-degree photos right inside the app!

Photonomie has a fluid interface that lets you capture 360-degree scenes. You can use your camera phone to pan around to capture the full 360-degree view. You can then use this 360-degree camera app to explore the entire world. The app also lets you share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photonomie 360 photos on iPhone has a range of features. It’s easy to take a 360-degree panorama, and you can choose to upload it to social networking sites with or without editing. It’s also possible to share your photos on Facebook, WhatsApp, and iMessenger. The app also lets you choose multiple locations, add fun features, and make a personal profile.

Cardboard Camera

If you want to see 360 photos on iPhone, you can use the free Cardboard Camera app. The app allows you to take and share photos with your iPhone or Android device. It creates a virtual photo album and creates a link that you can send to a friend, or post to an app or the web.

The app is very simple to use. After you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need a Google Cardboard viewer to experience the photo in VR. Download the free Google Cardboard app on your iPhone and launch the Cardboard Camera application. It allows you to view 360-degree photos in VR.

The app will take photos in the virtual reality mode. To view 360 photos in VR, insert your iPhone or iPad into the viewing device and rotate it slightly so that the images are in portrait mode. When you’re done viewing the panorama, you’ll need to switch back to VR mode.

Once you’ve finished viewing 360-degree photos on your iPhone, you can upload them to Facebook for your friends to see. The 360-degree video will have a subtle circular icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Tap and hold the icon for a moment to explore the 360-degree experience.

Once you’ve taken a 360-degree photo, you can use the panorama app to view it on iPhone. Simply turn your camera to the right or left and use your finger or the cursor to rotate the image. You can also use the Cardboard camera to view raw 360 photos.

Street View

There are a couple of ways to view 360 photos on iPhone. One way is to use a desktop version of the Street View app. It works great on a desktop, but if you don’t have a desktop, you can still use Street View on your iPhone.

You can use the Google Street View app to view 360 photos on your iPhone. This app can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The interface is the same for both. To view 360 photos, you must take 50 photos with your iPhone and tilt it up and down. This can take about two to three minutes. It’s possible to stop earlier, but this will make the photo sphere incomplete.

Another way to view 360 photos on your iPhone is to use a tripod or selfie stick to position your device correctly. The Google Street View app can also be used to create 360 degree panoramas. The app will guide you through the process of positioning the phone. To create a 360 photo, it is best to shoot a natural scene, rather than architectural buildings. Outdoor scenes usually give better pictures because they are free of geometric lines.

The Street View app requires that you give it permission to access your camera and location services. If you don’t want the photos uploaded to Google’s servers, you can choose to only use Wi-Fi, or upload them to your data plan. Alternatively, you can save the pano to the camera roll. Once it has been saved, you can edit the photos using Google Snapseed or a similar photo editor.

Lastly, you can enable the motion tracking option in Google Maps. This will enable you to rotate your device and look around while viewing a 360 photo. Once you’ve enabled this feature, you can choose to view the panoramas indoors or outdoors.

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