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Spotify is getting ready to launch lossless streaming in the coming year. In this article, we’ll take a look at what we can expect and how much it will cost. Plus, we’ll take a look at some of the features of the new service.

Expected release date

If you’ve been looking forward to streaming lossless music, you probably have some pretty high hopes for Spotify HiFi. But there’s been a bit of confusion over the release date of this new tier.

Spotify Hifi is a subscription upgrade, which will give users the ability to stream lossless audio through Spotify Connect. The upgrade will enable Premium subscribers to listen to music in CD quality.

There’s no official word on what exactly this new tier will include, but it’s rumored to be worth the extra money. In addition to offering high quality audio, Spotify will include a headphone tuner, which will allow you to listen to lossless music via headphones.

Spotify has not said whether the service will be available worldwide. However, there are some signs it may be coming to a market near you. As with most new features, it will launch first in key markets, then expand to other markets over time.

Lossless audio is a type of file compression. It reduces the size of the file without reducing the quality. This will make it possible for you to store more files in your music library without having to worry about the size of each file.

Spotify’s new tier is slated to come out later this year, and it’s expected to cost around $20-30 per month. That’s a big increase from the usual Spotify price, but the new tier will offer users more than they’re used to.

Spotify has been battling against rivals Apple Music and Tidal, which have both launched services with lossless features. Last year, Apple introduced lossless support in Apple Music, and recently launched Apple Music Sessions, which gives you the option to play back your favorite tracks in high fidelity.

Cross-platform availability

One of the most-talked-about features Spotify is launching is lossless streaming. Lossless streaming allows users to listen to their favorite tracks in high quality. This is the same as CD quality. It means no details have been lost in the compression.

Spotify is preparing for its lossless streaming service to become available later this year. The feature will be available as a subscription tier, but it’s not clear when. Previously, the company announced HiFi, a more expensive subscription tier, but licensing issues have delayed the feature.

As part of the launch, Spotify is experimenting with the idea of a headphone tuner. The company will also work with speakers manufacturers to bring improved audio to the public.

In the past, the lossless feature has been debated. Several music streaming services offer higher quality audio for an additional fee. However, the human ear cannot tell the difference between lossy and lossless audio.

While Apple Music has been offering its subscribers high fidelity streaming options for years, Spotify has not made such a step yet. Those who want to take advantage of the service’s higher quality offerings should consider the Platinum plan, which includes access to Studio Sound. Also, Spotify is working to improve social experiences.

For now, you can access Spotify on your desktop or mobile device, and you can listen to songs in the browser or in the app. You can sync listening history between devices. Plus, you can use Spotify Connect to play the service on your other devices.

The new interface for Spotify has been designed with simplicity in mind. Users can choose to view suggested albums, podcasts, and mood playlists. There’s also a “Browse” feature that changes depending on the time of day.


Spotify’s lossless streaming service is set to be available in select markets later this year. However, there are currently no details about how much it will cost.

In February, Spotify announced that it would launch a high-end subscription tier. The new tier will be called HiFi and it will allow Premium subscribers to listen to music at CD-quality sound. Although Spotify hasn’t officially confirmed any pricing details, a survey suggested that it would cost about $20 per month.

The company has been testing its CD quality sound since last year. Currently, Premium members can stream up to 320 Kbps.

Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal all offer lossless streaming. Some also offer 24-bit/192kHz audio. But Amazon and Apple are the only two services that offer HD quality music. This means that consumers have started ditching their wired headphones and picking up AirPods.

It’s hard to say how the competition will play out in the coming years. It looks like it’s unlikely that Spotify can compete with the big three. Plus, the service has yet to offer the type of lossless CD-quality music that consumers want.

In the meantime, other options for high-quality music have emerged. Amazon and Apple both offer lossless streaming at no additional cost to their paid subscribers. And Tidal has a $20-a-month high-fidelity membership that provides 1411 Kbps lossless sound.

Several Spotify competitors have also been experimenting with higher-quality music streaming. YouTube has yet to launch its own version. Meanwhile, Qobuz says it offers the largest catalogue of CD-quality lossless albums in the world.

Nevertheless, it appears that Spotify is moving ahead of its competition. In addition, the service is expected to expand internationally in 2021. By that time, it will have over 1 billion users.

Spatial audio tracks

The competition between Apple Music and Spotify is heating up, and a new feature that could bring Spotify’s sound quality to a whole new level is coming. Spotify HiFi is a lossless audio streaming service that’s rumored to cost $5 or $10 a month, but that has yet to be announced.

This type of audio is not compatible with Bluetooth connections, and it can’t be listened to through headphones. But this feature is coming to both platforms, and Spotify users might be able to test their listening equipment to see how it works.

In an effort to make the experience more immersive, Apple Music has added a new feature called Spatial Audio. Spatial Audio supports Dolby Atmos technology, which lets artists mix songs so that all of the instruments sound like they’re coming from all around you.

According to a recent report, thousands of songs will be available in this format when it launches next month. It will be free for Apple Music subscribers.

In addition to the music, Apple also provides a Dolby Atmos-enabled playlist that’s curated by Apple. It will be automatically played on AirPods, Beats headphones, and other Apple devices, and will be available on the new iPhones with built-in speakers.

In June, Apple will upgrade its entire catalog of music to Lossless Audio. With the update, Apple Music will offer its subscribers a library of over 75 million songs in this format.

As part of the upgrade, Apple Music will also offer a new feature called Introducing Spatial Audio. This will let users enjoy music in an immersive way. When you add a pair of headphones to your Apple Music account, you’ll be able to listen to a selection of songs in Dolby Atmos, including albums by artists such as Metallica and Queen.

CEO’s comments

A new feature from Spotify is due to be unveiled soon. This feature is dubbed the HiFi tier and will allow users to stream high quality audio. According to the company, this feature will be available in select markets.

The aforementioned feature was first rumored last year, but the company hasn’t yet revealed when it will roll out. In fact, the company did not mention it during its most recent earnings release.

However, the company is taking steps to make it more competitive. One example is its addition of the hi-fi tier to its popular ad-based Premium service.

The company recently unveiled a video that shows how it plans to bring a new level of experience to its user base. It includes an array of musical celebrity guest spots, along with a glimpse at the company’s expansion plans.

Spotify also recently announced its first foray into the streaming video game console market. With over 40 million active users, the company is aiming to expand its presence to 30 more countries in the next year. While this may sound like a lot, Spotify has a few competitors in the space, including Amazon Music and Deezer.

In addition to its hi-fi tier, the company plans to introduce a CD-quality lossless audio streaming service for its most upscale subscribers. Interestingly, it isn’t the company’s first time experimenting with higher-fidelity audio.

As for the actual launch date of the hi-fi tier, the company hasn’t commented. For now, the feature is being rolled out in select music markets. During its most recent earnings release, Spotify executives did not reveal much information about the feature.

Despite these minor setbacks, Spotify is still an extremely popular music app. With over 40 million subscribers and over 50 million total listeners, the company continues to grow.

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