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If you’ve signed up for Spotify Premium, you’ll be happy to hear that Hi-fi streaming is coming later this year. It’s expected to cost more than the usual Premium subscription, and will be available on all of the company’s devices, including connected speakers.

Lossless streaming was one of the top-requested features

Spotify HiFi is an audio service that promises CD quality music streaming. The company has been testing the feature with a small group of users and hopes to roll out a full-fledged version of it to select markets. It will be available through its standard app and through Bluetooth speakers that support the protocols necessary to take advantage of the new tier.

Lossless audio has become a hot topic among audiophiles. While there is still debate about what the difference is between lossy and lossless, there is no arguing that the latter offers better audio. A lossless streaming tier from Spotify will enable users to hear the hidden vocal layers and detail in a track.

Spotify’s lossless audio streaming feature will be offered as a separate tier to Premium subscribers in certain markets. This type of tier has been offered in the past by competitors. Amazon Music and Tidal have recently started offering higher-resolution audio. In addition, Apple has added a lossless audio upgrade to its Apple Music subscription.

Although Spotify has not yet announced the release date for HiFi, it is expected to launch in 2021. This is due to the company’s inability to fulfill its original announcement and is likely to be pushed back.

Spotify is currently the most popular music streaming service in the world. However, its offerings only top out at 320 Kbps. Spotify has been in dialogue with major music labels about offering a lossless audio tier.

The company said that it would be the first of its kind and that it was a response to requests from consumers. The company said that the best way to offer the feature would be to partner with the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers.

Hi-fi will cost more than the usual Premium subscription

Spotify is rumored to be rolling out a new premium subscription plan that includes Hi-Fi streaming, but no official announcement has been made yet. However, results from a survey suggest the feature is on its way.

This hi-fi streaming tier would allow Spotify Premium subscribers to play lossless audio streams. In addition to offering a higher resolution than the standard Premium tier, the service could also give them access to a larger library.

Lossless audio is not something that Spotify has offered before. It would give them a credibility boost among audiophiles. But, it will cost a few bucks more than the usual Premium subscription.

While Spotify hasn’t announced the price of the hi-fi tier, a recent survey suggests it’s not going to be cheap. According to the survey, the new tier will cost between $15 and $20 a month.

The service is a way for Spotify to compete with rival music services that offer hi-fi. Apple’s Apple Music service, for example, offers lossless music at no extra charge. Amazon Music also offers a lossless tier for $10 a month.

Despite these offerings, Spotify is still falling behind its rivals in high-quality streaming. At the end of the day, the question is whether or not the hi-fi tier will actually be worth it. And the answer may well depend on the type of device you own.

For instance, Apple’s iPhones are known to provide a more seamless experience when it comes to streaming high-quality music. That’s because they support lossless audio. Likewise, Tidal’s Plus tier has a hefty price tag that will allow you to hear Dolby Atmos mixes. You can even buy a pair of AirPods Pro 2 that will support wireless lossless playback.

Hi-fi will work across devices

If you’re a fan of music on Spotify, you’ll probably have heard about the Hi-fi streaming tier. You’ll be able to stream CD-quality audio, and this is likely to be a major upgrade for the Premium subscription.

The service was announced last February, but it has yet to launch. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek didn’t provide an exact date, but the company did say that it’s in the works.

There are a few reasons why the service has been delayed. One of them is licensing issues. Some of the new features that have been teased by the company, like its lossless streaming tier, are not yet ready to roll out.

While the company hasn’t confirmed a release date for its new tier, it did confirm that it would work across devices. This means that it could be a great way to play hi-fi music on your smartphone or smart speaker. It’s unclear what kind of music the service will include, however.

In addition to the CD-quality streaming feature, the Hi-fi tier will also include “Studio Sound.” This may mean that the audio will be high-resolution.

The company did not give any pricing details, but the service is likely to be free for the first month, and it’s possible that it’s only a free trial for Premium subscribers. However, if you don’t plan on subscribing to the service, you can switch to another streaming service.

As of now, there are no confirmed plans for the Hi-fi streaming tier to be available worldwide, but the delay could be short-lived. It’s possible that Spotify will announce an official release date in the coming months.

Even if the service isn’t ready to launch, it’s important to know that the company is still open to testing new features. Spotify executives spoke with investors during its earnings announcement, and they noted that discussions about the Hi-fi tier were still underway.

Hi-fi will be available on Spotify Connect-enabled speakers

Spotify is working with the world’s top speaker manufacturers to roll out Hi-fi in select markets later this year. It will offer lossless music streams and CD-quality sound, and will be available only as a Premium subscription upgrade. The service will cost an additional $10.

Spotify claims high-res audio has been the number one request from its users. A representative from the company responded to a thread about the feature last month.

As a result, many consumers are opting to move away from wired headphones and earphones. This is a huge opportunity for Spotify to enter the lossless CD-quality audio space.

Apple recently launched a lossless audio upgrade for Apple Music, and Amazon Music HD also offers a hi-res catalogue. However, these services are still relatively new.

Spotify HiFi will not compete with these streaming services, since its quality will not be on par with the Ultra HD quality of Amazon Music or the 9216kbps streams of Tidal Masters. But it will be a significant step up from the current Very High quality offered by the service.

The service will be delivered through Spotify Connect, which will stream music to your speakers over Wi-Fi. You can also use the Spotify app to listen on your computer or smartphone.

Unlike the current 320kbps lossy streaming tier, the lossless tier will begin at CD-quality, and go up to 24 bit at 48 kHz. Bluetooth connections will add compression to the stream.

The rumored price range for the hi-fi tier was $5-10 per month. Spotify has not yet announced the price, but it is a fairly safe bet it will be higher than the regular Premium subscription.

While Spotify is not yet ready to roll out HiFi in all markets at once, it is making preparations for a global expansion. Hopefully, the new feature will be ready for consumers as soon as possible.

Hi-fi free trial may be on the cards

Spotify HiFi is an upcoming streaming service by the music giant that will offer high-quality lossless audio. The company has not announced a release date yet. However, it is expected to launch at some point in the next year. In the meantime, it will offer a free trial to new subscribers.

Although Spotify HiFi does not match the quality of the service offered by Apple Music or Tidal, it will be a significant step up from the company’s current Very High quality. It will also make it easier for users to access high-resolution music.

The release of Spotify HiFi will help to tighten the competition in the music streaming industry. While Amazon Music and Apple Music offer lossless streaming for free, other services charge an arm and a leg.

Although Spotify has not officially announced the launch of its lossless subscription tier, it has been rumored to be coming in the next few months. But what are the technical details? How much will it cost? And will it include immersive audio streams?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Spotify HiFi. For instance, does it work on Bluetooth-enabled speakers? Does it offer CD-quality audio? Or will it be compatible with the higher-resolution music streams from other services?

The answer is “yes”. Spotify executives spoke with investors during their earnings report and indicated that the new feature was “caught up in licensing negotiations”.

However, this does not mean that the company is ready to launch its new lossless streaming tier. That would be premature. Still, if you are an audiophile and want to hear your favorite music in its best possible quality, you may want to sign up for a Spotify HiFi free trial.

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