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If you are looking for an antioxidant drink, there are several good choices that you may want to consider. Regardless of whether you are looking for a drink that is made from green tea, pomegranate juice, or other fruits and vegetables, you can rest assured that there are a variety of options available for you.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants. They protect your body from diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It is also helpful in controlling inflammation. This makes it a great beverage for people with chronic inflammatory conditions.

Several studies have shown that drinking pomegranate juice can improve blood flow and relive inflammation. In addition, pomegranate juice contains high levels of potassium and vitamin C. Both of these nutrients are important for the healthy functioning of your blood vessels.

In test tubes, pomegranate juice has been found to have antioxidant activity that is three times greater than red wine or green tea. The juice may have this benefit because it contains polyphenols, which protect cells from damage.

Research has shown that pomegranate fruit extract can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. It also helps fight atherosclerosis, a disease that causes plaque to build up in arteries.

Researchers have also found that pomegranate extracts reduce oxidative stress in the arteries. Oxidative stress is a risk factor for several medical conditions, including decreased fertility in women. A pomegranate juice extract may also help with rheumatoid arthritis.

Some studies have also indicated that pomegranate juice can be helpful in preventing bone loss. It can even delay signs of skin aging. However, more research is needed to understand the full benefits of pomegranate juice.

If you drink pomegranate juice regularly, it will also lower your blood pressure. Studies have shown that pomegranate juice can lower diastolic blood pressure by about 2mmHg and systolic blood pressure by about 5mmHg.

Green tea

Drinking green tea may help prevent and treat a number of cancers and other diseases. The polyphenols found in green tea are powerful antioxidants, and they help prevent free radicals from damaging our cells.

Several studies have shown that drinking green tea can improve cardiovascular health. This includes reducing blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels, and protecting against atherosclerosis. In addition, green tea has been associated with increased bone mineral density. It is also linked to a reduced risk of stroke and heart disease.

Some studies have also shown that green tea can help improve oral health. Studies have shown that drinking tea can reduce the amount of plaque in the mouth. Similarly, it can reduce the amount of cavities and gum disease. However, more research is needed to evaluate the benefits of green tea and to determine the best way to use it.

While studies have shown that green tea may protect against many different kinds of cancer, human clinical trials have not conclusively proven that it can prevent or treat cancer. Moreover, the studies have not been well-designed.

Research has also shown that green tea can improve cognitive function. Although it is not known how much it can improve memory, one study found that green tea can improve focus and alertness. Another study showed that drinking tea regularly can reduce the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment.

Blueberry juice

Blueberry juice is an antioxidant drink that is high in a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that the antioxidants in blueberries can help reduce inflammation in the body. This is especially helpful for inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and cancer.

Blueberries also contain phytonutrients called polyphenols. These phytonutrients have been found to benefit insulin sensitivity and cognitive function. They may also help treat age-related conditions.

In addition, blueberries are an excellent source of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber can help reduce cholesterol and promote a healthy digestive system. It is also helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.

The antioxidants in blueberries can also protect the eyes from damage caused by free radicals. Oxidative stress is a contributor to aging. Keeping oxidative stress under control is an important step towards a long and healthy life.

Besides being an antioxidant, blueberries are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the growth and repair of tissues. Additionally, it aids with wound healing and helps to maintain bone and teeth health.

Aside from assisting with wound healing, vitamin C also helps with the production of collagen. Collagen is an essential part of the skin and helps it maintain its texture. By improving collagen’s ability to smooth wrinkles, vitamin C may improve the overall look of your skin.

In addition, studies have shown that drinking blueberry juice may decrease fat accumulation in the liver. This may be helpful for people with obesity. Moreover, it can also help keep blood pressure in check.


Dandelion is a popular medicinal herb that is used to treat various ailments. The dandelion root is considered to be beneficial to the health of the liver and is often used to help regulate blood sugar levels.

Dandelions are known to provide protection from free radicals, which are known to cause damage to cells and accelerate the aging process. Beta carotene is a compound found in dandelions that protects cells from cellular damage. This substance also prevents skin aging.

Dandelions are also rich in Vitamin K, which is essential for healthy bones and blood clotting. In addition, dandelion leaves and flowers are high in antioxidants and polyphenols. Those compounds may protect against cancer and other diseases.

One study showed that dandelion extract was able to reduce the lipid levels of cholesterol in the blood. High lipid levels can be a risk factor for heart disease and strokes.

Some researchers have also reported that dandelions may help improve skin health and fight infections. However, more research is needed.

Dandelion has also been studied for its potential to combat acne and type 2 diabetes. The root and leaf extracts of the dandelion have been shown to increase plasma antioxidant enzyme activities.

In addition, dandelion has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties. Excessive inflammation can lead to permanent damage to cells and tissues.

Some of the bioactive compounds found in the dandelion plant include chlorogenic acid, inulin, and glycoside taraxacin. Aside from reducing the lipids in the blood, these substances may also protect the liver from oxidative stress.


A purple antioxidant drink is a beverage that contains a lot of antioxidants. This helps the body fight free radicals that can cause cancer, inflammation and other diseases. It may also improve your overall health.

The purple pigment anthocyanin is responsible for a wide range of antioxidant benefits. These include protecting your brain, preventing cellular damage and even strengthening the immune system.

Purple foods contain anthocyanins, polyphenols and other antioxidants that are known to protect the body from inflammation. They can also help prevent heart disease, diabetes and obesity. You may even find that they enhance your cognitive abilities and help you calm down.

Eating purple foods can also help you feel more focused and improve your mental performance. Studies suggest that people who regularly eat these foods are less likely to develop chronic conditions, such as arthritis and Alzheimer’s. In addition, they may lower your risk of cataracts and heart disease.

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that combat free radicals in the body. Many of these compounds are produced by fruits and vegetables.

For example, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and other purple coloured berries all contain anthocyanins, which provide anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits. They are also linked to improved vision.

Other purple foods such as eggplant and grapes are rich in antioxidants. They may prevent liver damage and reduce the risk of bronchitis and asthma. Even though research is still ongoing, studies have shown that eating purple foods can have a positive effect on mood, cognitive function and memory.

Positive Beverage’s flavored water

For consumers seeking to hydrate, drink more water and add some functional benefits, flavored water is an ideal alternative. It’s a great way to incorporate micronutrients into your diet and can also help you avoid sodas and juices.

The flavored water market has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. It reached nearly 2.5 billion dollars in the United States alone in 2013.

Positive Beverage’s flavored water contains vitamins C, D and B12. The company sells it in 12-packs for $30.

According to the study, consumers are looking for functional beverages to boost their immune system. They want to drink products that are nutrient-rich and free of additives, sugars and preservatives.

There are many different antioxidant drinks on the market. Each of these beverages is not created equal. Choose the one that suits your personal taste and needs. You can find these drinks in most convenience stores and in vending machines.

This study found that younger generations preferred a wide variety of flavors. These include fruit, honey, and low-temperature and cooling tastes. Meanwhile, the older age group preferred no sweetness, little sugar and astringent tastes.

Consumers should make sure to read the label to see how much sugar is added to the product. Also, keep in mind that some antioxidant drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine can cause restlessness, nausea and anxiety. If you are pregnant, limit caffeine consumption.

A new survey shows that people are more concerned with the taste and function of a beverage than the name on the bottle. New product launches promote ingredients that are free of added sugars and follow popular diet trends.

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