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Whether you are already an avid Spotify user or are only just getting started, there are several things you may not know about Spotify streaming. From what type of music you prefer to the ways you can set up your profile, there are many different aspects to consider.

Instafest app

Anshay Saboo, a student at the University of Southern California, created a new app called Instafest that allows users to create personalized festival posters based on their listening habits. The app connects to Spotify. Once a user gives the site access to their account, it will create a poster featuring the user’s favorite artists.

The Instafest website uses Spotify’s API to pull listener data and generate a graphic that shows the most listened-to artists and music genres. The poster can be customized to feature your favorite artists from the past six months, all-time, or a specific time interval.

The results are displayed on a photo that looks like a Coachella lineup announcement. Users can download the image, share it with friends, and use various customization tools.

The basic score is an indication of how niche a festival music genre is. It is rated from 0-100. Depending on the results, the user can choose to keep the score on the poster or to hide it from the final results.

The Instafest app has been featured on numerous sites. Many musicians have shared their Instafest results on social media. Some have even shared personalized concert bills.

The app has gained popularity in just five days. On Thanksgiving weekend, it received more than 6.5 million views. As a result, it is no surprise that many people are eager to get their hands on the results.

Your Listening Personality

When streaming Spotify later this year, you will be able to discover your own music listening personality. The function uses four metrics to measure your taste. These include timelessness, familiarity, variety and loyalty. Each of these factors is used to categorize your music preferences into one of 16 Listening Personality types.

This feature is similar to the “Audio Aura” feature from last year’s Wrapped. Both features use Myers-Briggs-style tests to assess your tastes. It allows you to discover the different ways you listen to music, and if you are likely to find new music.

You can learn about your listening personality by clicking on the icon at the top of the page. Once you have selected your preference, you will see a description of your musical taste. Afterwards, you can send messages to other people. If you’re a deep diver, for example, you can explore the catalogs of your favorite artists to discover hidden gems.

In addition to the new feature, the company has updated its App Store and Play Store. Last year, it had 100 videos and recorded 40,000 artist videos. Also, the Wrapped campaign was featured on YouTube Music.

With your newfound knowledge about your personal Listening Personality, you’ll be able to more accurately determine which songs you love and which artists you should be adding to your playlist. Using your results, you can tell others what your listening style is and why you love certain genres.

Audio Day

The world’s largest music streaming service, Spotify, is set to launch a new lossless streaming tier later this year. It’s been testing CD-quality streams for a while. But it’s never made any specific announcements.

Spotify’s Premium setting delivers 320kbit/s audio. This is higher than other platforms’ 320kbps settings, but still below Apple Music’s 256kbps.

In February 2021, Spotify announced its HiFi subscription upgrade, which allows users to play music at CD quality. However, it’s been reported that the service is delayed.

One of the reasons for this is that it’s being targeted at rivals. Tidal and Amazon Music both support immersive audio streams.

Spotify has also been testing higher quality music streams. Last year, the company tested “CD-quality” streams as far back as 2017. While it’s been confirmed that Spotify’s CD-quality streams will work, it hasn’t provided any details.

According to a Spotify spokesperson, the feature will be available “later this year” in select markets. The company’s editorial team has been making emotive playlists since the early 2010s.

Like Apple Music’s “Replay” feature, Spotify’s “Wrapped” isn’t just a way to show you top songs and podcasts. Rather, it’s a way to reveal your personal listening habits.

Essentially, Wrapped uses four-letter codes and your data to show you your music preferences, which in turn are used to make curated recommendations. You can see your favorites in a chart, along with other notable statistics.

Instafest playlists

A third-party website and app called Instafest has made waves in the music world. This app combines your Spotify listening data with a little imagination to create your own personalized festival lineup. You can share your festival with your friends, or save it for posterity.

The website and app are free to use, but you do need a Spotify account. Once you sign in, you’ll be asked to grant permission for the site to access your listening history.

The site uses data from your listening history to create a three-day festival lineup. It shows the most popular artists and songs in your library. For a limited time, you can also see how your listening has changed over the past six months.

Another cool feature is the “Basic Score” that reveals your favorite music taste. Like a coachella lineup, it gives you an idea of which artists and songs are the most popular. There’s also a “Wrapped Story” feature that lets you change the color scheme of the top artist summary. Lastly, there’s a “Share” button at the bottom of each slide that you can post on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram.

Whether you’re a music fanatic or just looking to make a funny post on social media, you’ll have a blast using Instafest. Besides, you can even make your own custom-designed Instafest poster for the festival.

Instafest isn’t the only app out there using user data to create music-themed graphics. Other third-party apps include Festify, Receptify, and The Pudding.

Tidal’s HiFi files

If you’re looking to stream music, you’ll want to check out Tidal’s HiFi files. The service offers high-resolution sound for an affordable price. With Tidal, you can stream 50 million songs in FLAC.

Tidal has also recently launched a new ‘My Activity’ feature that allows you to keep track of your streaming activity. You’ll also be able to see where your streams are going and which artists are receiving royalties.

It’s also possible to stream your own personal music files using the service. You can even integrate them into your wireless audio system or digital preamp.

You can even purchase albums that are encoded in the lossless format FLAC. These recordings will be the same quality as the CD you own. Plus, you can save them to your computer for easy sharing.

Tidal is available through a web browser or through the Tidal app on your desktop. Users can connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts with the application to stay in touch with their favorite artists.

There are three types of audio settings you can choose from. Standard is the lowest setting, while Master and HiFi offer higher-quality audio. However, you’ll need to check with the labels that produce the tracks you’re interested in to find out which ones have these options.

The Tidal app also includes exclusive content. This means you’ll have access to live concerts, documentaries and music videos. For example, you can watch an in-depth interview with Cardi B or Damien Marley.


While the music streaming service is still in its infancy, Spotify has already made some announcements that will have major ramifications for artists, investors, and the music industry as a whole. Among them, is a new feature called Discovery Mode. This nifty piece of software will let you play songs that are relevant to your listening history, but not necessarily the ones you would expect.

The best part is that you will be able to opt into the program. In fact, you can opt into it for multiple tracks at once.

The feature is powered by machine learning, which means you’ll be able to choose from a variety of preset flows. For instance, you can choose to listen to your favorite albums, songs by your favorite artists, or even radio stations.

You’ll be able to set a specific playback time for a track, or schedule it to play on a certain day. Autoplay is also an enticing feature for artists and labels, as it will enable them to take a much lower per-stream payment.

Spotify has been promoting new music for years. In fact, it has been responsible for over 16 billion discoveries a month. As such, the feature could be a significant boost to artist income.

To get started, open up the app and select the Settings menu. On the next page, you’ll see the most obvious button to check. Select the Autoplay toggle and toggle it to green.

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